Felip Dalmau is a family company wiht more than forty years of experience,dedicated to the manufacturing of all Kind of reeds and combs for marrow fabrics, wapers and other wide fabrics.

The materials used in the manufacturing process are iron (Fe5) and stainless steel for narrow frabrics and tempered steel also for narrow fabrics and warpers; with an anticorrosion hardness from 54 to 56 Ropbles, equivalent to a hardness from 1.800 to 2.000 Newtons.

The acquiried experience through these forty years permits Felip Dalmau to offer a very high quality product, as a result of constant improvement in all the manufacturing processes and a craft Knowledge, held up on the present technology.


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Felip Dalmau :

/ Pintor Sert, 17 - 08272 - Sant Fruitós de Bages - Barcelona (Spain)

Tel/fax : +34938761049 - :Felip Dalmau